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Auto Spa Services Dubai

Restore Car’s Exterior Glossy Sheen and Interior Fragrance with Perfect Car Detailing & Polishing Service in Dubai. Experienced In Luxury Cars Detailing & Upholstery Service.

The glossy sheen of the car’s exterior and the pleasing fresh scent when you enter the cabin is a heavenly match everyone desires of never losing. But you cannot deny the notion that it all starts to fade away over time no matter how caring you are towards upkeeping its luxurious aesthetics. We at Royal Tech Autos bring you comprehensive Car Detailing Services in Dubai to help reinvigorate the aesthetics when it first rolls out of the showroom. Our Car Detailing in Dubai is expertly formulated to help you with everything from odor removal, paint protection, headlight restoration, interior detailing, and more!

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We cover every service related to your Car Detailing in Dubai

seats and carpets, are vacuumed.
The trunk and cargo area are vacuumed.
Interior trim and instruments are gently cleaned.
Cleaning of the whole interior of the car by a professional.
Cleaning the window and closing the door.
Covers made of fibers and leather that have been conditioned.
Coats of paint and polish
Synthetic wax and sealant
Cleaning of carpets and floor mats
Cleaning of all tires and rims.
Paint protection using a clay bar detailer.
Clothing and carpets benefit from special fabric protection.
For a thorough finish, foam surface cleaning is combined with a high-temperature wax coating.
Paint protection using a clay bar detailer.
Painting and disinfection are being done.
Paint repair and removal of old paint wax.
Paint scratch removal of the highest quality.
With a top-of-the-line sealant, you may enjoy superior exterior protection.

Royal Tech Auto SPA Service Portfolio

Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai
Auto SPA Service Dubai

Prominent Benefits of Car Detailing Service in Dubai

Our professional car detailing service in Dubai will not only give your car a new refreshing look, both interior/exterior but also maintain the resale value. We have latest tools and use premium quality products during car detailing services!


Luxury Cars Brands

Luxury, American, German, British, European, Exotic, Classic & High-End Japanese Cars Repair & Service Center.

Car Detailing Service: A Royal Treatment of your Luxury Car

Unlike every auto detailing service out there, our Auto Car Detailing Service in Dubai has a lot more to it than a mere car wash and shampooing. Our Auto Detailing Experts know how much you love your exotic car, and we always come up with a holistic auto detailing approach to help reinvigorate the glory your luxury vehicle deserves. We provide your car with an all-inclusive auto detailing treatment, including interior detailing, exterior car polishing, engine, and hood detailing, wheel detailing, upholstery, steam cleaning and shampooing, odor removal, and car perfuming, and more. Every vehicle that rolls into our Auto Spa for Auto Detailing Service leaves with a dazzling finish both inside and out that falls nothing short of an x-factory car. We are all committed to a sustainable environment and only use premium eco-friendly auto detailing products to vivify the opulence your car deserves!