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Car Modification

Car Model Change To Newer Model, Body Kits, Wheels/Rims Upgrades, Facelifts, Stickers and Vinyl Wrapping, 4×4 Off Road Upgrades Dubai, Project Cars, At Royal Tech We Do It All

When it comes to modifying a car, converting a Mercedes G63 into Brabus, S class into Mayback, 4×4 upgrades or any other modification like Exhaust system, Performance Upgrades, Suspension, Body Kit Installation or anything to revamp the look of the car from older to newer Model, Royal Tech Vehicle Modification Service is the way to go!

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Convert Your Older Car Model into Newer One with Car Modification and Upgrade Services

Car Facelifts

Whether you are looking to convert Mercedes S class to Maybach, Mercedes g63 to Brabus, or any car older model to new model, our facelifting service has got you covered. Our Expert Mechanics meticulously modify the front and rear of your car, with expert touches to the bumpers, headlights, hood, and taillights, as well as bolstering the interior to resemble the most recent model on the market. So, bring your car to Royal Tech Autos and have it facelifted to the latest model right away!

Car Facelifts Service Dubai
Body Kit Installation Service Dubai

Body Kit Installation

Whether you want to give your car a bulkier appearance or replicate a dream sports car, installing a Custom Body Kit is one of the most popular ways to improve the aesthetics. We have an extensive selection of Custom Body Kits at Royal Tech’s Auto Body Workshop, including rear wings, heavy-profile bumpers, wide over-fenders, diffusers, and massive splitters. You can also choose our one-of-a-kind Customized Carbon Fiber Kit to make your car stand out from the crowd!

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Installing a larger exhaust can free up the air coming out of the engine, which ultimately boosts power, just as increasing the amount of air intake helps your engine generate more power. However, one drawback of adding a considerably bigger diameter exhaust system is the increased loudness of exhaust, so you should check with your neighbors to see if they are okay with it!

Car Back Exhaust Service Dubai
Car Sports Service Dubai

Sports Seats

Whether you’re a novice racer or an enthusiast driver who wants to look like one, a pair of sports seats will undoubtedly elevate your interior to new heights. We have an extensive selection of Sports seats that not only look great but are also much more comfortable and supportive than standard car seats. Installing Sport Seats will help you improve your driving posture and result in a more enjoyable ride!

Wheel/Rim Upgrades

When it comes to aesthetics, tires may well be a small part of the car, but are something of utmost importance, especially when you have aftermarket alloys. It is usually presumed that larger tire sizes result in lower performance, we use premium lightweight rims to not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but also improve performance due to the lightweight!

Wheel Rim Upgrade Service Dubai
Ride Height Suspension Service Dubai

Ride Height & Suspension

Once you have a nice set of wheels, the next step is to alter the height of your car by either lowering or raising it. You can enjoy many benefits by lowering your ride as it will lower the center of gravity and result in better stability and handling. If you’re looking to build an off-road car, we go the other way around raising the suspension using premium suspension lift kits. For off-roading, we also install sway bars for better stability while cornering, and performance coil-overs with stiff compression rates for effective shock absorption!

Vinyl Car Wraps & Stickers

Car wrapping is one of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of your vehicle. With our Car Wrap Installation Service in Dubai, we at Royal Tech Autos can help you revitalize the aesthetics of your vehicle. We offer a comprehensive selection of Vinyl Car Wraps in a variety of colors and designs to meet your specific aesthetic needs and help reflect the true you. Whether you need a matte finish wrap, satin finish wrap, glossy wrap, or Iridescent wrap, bring your car to royal tech’s auto spa & give your ride a dazzling finish!

Vinyl Car Wrapping Service Dubai

Luxury Cars Brands

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Car Modification and Upgrade Services to Boost Car Performance 

The engine is considered as the heart of the car which is why the engine’s well-being plays a very important role. Since the usage of the car has seen a rise ever since the lockdown was overruled, the number of car breakdowns has also increased. If your car has broken down as well, you don’t have to call a towing service separately that would take your car to a workshop, it would cost you a lot. Simply call The Royal Tech for free pickup service and a transparent estimate. Whether it’s the engine overheating that is causing the engine smoking or some Engine oil Pump issue caused due to Engine Oil or coolant leakage, our experts have a firm grip on Auto engine repair and full Reprogramming services. We also offer Engine Piston Ring Repair and Turbo Chargers/Injectors repair with Engine Rattling. Our experts have a wide range of experience in dealing with Diesel engines. Therefore, we provide our expertise in repairing and replacing Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), spark plugs. Hence providing complete Engine Reconditioning with detailed Diagnostics and Analysis.