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Automatic and Manual Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Service Specialists in Dubai: Say Goodbye to Gearbox Oil Leakages and Other Minor/Major Problems

Royal Tech Gearbox Repair Service is promptly required if the gearbox is stuck or is refusing to switch gears. Whether you are sensing a burning smell, facing any drag to the clutch, or slipping of the gears, as all of the flags lead to the Gearbox Failure, which if not dealt with by the experts on time can lead to disastrous outcomes. Feel Free to talk with our gearbox repair and rebuild specialists in Dubai and let them help you get rid of the situation. 

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We cover every service related to your Car Gearbox in Dubai

Gearbox / Auto Transmission Repair

Are you having a tough time with your transmission system? From Manual Transmission Fluid Change to Automatic Transmission Slip Repair and everything in between, Royal Tech Auto Services is All You Need!

Gearbox Auto Transmission Repair Service Dubai
Gearbox Auto Transmission Overhauling Service Dubai

Gearbox / Auto Transmission Rebuild

Are you on the lookout for a reliable Transmission Rebuild Service in Dubai? Call out the Experts at Royal Tech Auto Services and transfer maximum engine power all the way through to the wheels for optimal acceleration!

Differential Repair & Rebuild Service

Is your vehicle skidding on sharp turns? You may have a damaged differential. Call out the Expert Technicians to help your exotic vehicle return to the road of reliability with everything from a simple differential leak repair to a complete differential rebuild!

Gearbox Auto Transmission Service Dubai
Gearbox Auto Transmission Replacement Service Dubai

Clutch Repair/Replacement Service

Is your Clutch constantly slipping or irresponsive? Bring your vehicle to Royal Tech Auto Service for all-inclusive clutch repair and replacement service and ensure a smooth transmission performance for long!

Gearbox Oil Change Service

If your vehicle’s transmission is slow to respond or has sudden acceleration changes, head to the Leading Auto Garage in Dubai for Gearbox Oil Replacement Service and relish optimal transmission performance!


Gearbox Oil Change Royal Tech

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A Complete Range of Gearbox Service in Dubai at Royal Tech Auto Services

The gearbox is one of the major parts of the whole car. Gear shifting plays a very central role in moving your car from one place to another. Since the gearbox is such a central part, imagine what would happen if such a part breaks down or starts to malfunction. That is where The Royal Tech comes in with years of experience in dealing with Gearbox repairs and transmission. Get in touch with our experts now to get a free pickup service if you are facing a gearbox problem, as we know the car only looks beautiful when it is being driven on the road.Whether it is a classic beauty with a Manual Gearbox or it is a modern art with the Automatic Transmission, you don’t have to go anywhere other than our Auto center as we offer Gearbox services for both manual and automatic transmission repair or new gearbox with the finest qualityAftermarket Gearbox parts as well, if needed. Our experts are experienced enough to handle something as minor as taking care of transmission oil and fluids, clutches to something as major as repairing torque converters and reconditioned diffs. All the work done by our experts is transparent and detailed diagnostics are provided to you at the end of the services.