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Car inspection services by royal tech autos

Your Car’s Regular Health Check Is Very Important, We At Royal Tech Offer A Free Comprehensive 360° Health Check With Computer Scanning & Diagnostics Report. We Also Provide A Video Inspection Report Of What Your Car Exactly Needs. So Book A Free Inspection Now.

No matter how luxurious a car you own, you need to maintain it properly to keep relishing its optimal performance. At Royal Tech Auto Services, we bring you Car Inspection Service in Dubai to help identify the minutest of faults before they contribute to a hefty repair bill. Our Auto Workshop is equipped with high-tech car diagnostic tools as our Expert Mechanics meticulously perform a 360 Degree Health Check of your exotic car. We then perform a manual inspection of hard-to-reach parts of your vehicle before providing you with a comprehensive Computer Diagnostic and Inspection Report. 

Our Car Inspection & Car Health Check In Dubai Inculdes:

A Comprehensive Inspection
Video Inspection Report
Written Inspection Report
Computer Diagnostics Report
Engine Inspection
Gear Box Inspection
Suspension Inspection
AC Inspection
Under Body & Differential Inspection
Brakes, Vibration, Misfire Inspection
Steering, All Fluids Check
We Cover Everything

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Free Car Pickup & Delivery – Honest Video Inspection Report – Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – Free Service Advice

We Generate and Deliver a Compact, Honest and Transparent Car Inspection Report

Signs When You Need To Get A Car Inspection and Diagnostic Service

We know you love your luxury car and are meticulous about its maintenance, but sometimes the smallest of faults could lead to significant engine failures if neglected. It’s wise to get your luxury vehicle a Dealer Standard Car Inspection and Diagnostic Service in Dubai if you notice check engine light on, squeaking brake noises, vibration at high revs, a bumpy ride, irresponsive transmission, or overheating engine. You should always get a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Service to ensure you’re getting the right vehicle worthy of the paycheck

Why Royal Tech Auto Service is your Partner Garage for Car Inspection Services?

  • Free Car Pickup & Delivery
  • Advanced Computer Diagnostics 
  • Honest Video Inspection Report
  • Professional Technicians
  • Largest Auto Service Center 
  • Affordable Cost
  • Genuine Parts
  • Free Estimation
  • Quality Control & Customer Feedback

A Complete 360 Degree Health Check and Car Inspection Service in Dubai

Owning a luxury car is undoubtedly a dream for many, but getting the optimal performance for long is not everyone’s cup of tea. You always have to be meticulous about every warning sign that comes on the dashboard. At Royal Tech Auto Services, we are known as the leading Luxury Car Workshop in Dubai, housing high-tech computer diagnostic tools and Expert Mechanics to provide impeccable Car Inspection and Computer Diagnostics that exceed dealer standards. Whether it is a routine full car Health check or fluid check, please bring in your exotic car at Royal Tech Auto Services and leave the rest to our Experts. So, Bring Your Luxury Car To Dubai’s Best Auto Workshop For All-Inclusive Car inspection & Ensure Your Car has The Utmost Reliability For a Long!