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The coolant level is low, Check Engine Light is On Or Vehicle is Overheating Too Often? Visit Royal Tech Autos For Coolant Replacement in Dubai

Experiencing constant engine heating problems lately or the check engine light is on? Your car might be low on coolant. Although low coolant levels might not seem a big deal at first, they can have a huge dent in your car’s overall performance in the long run. Without a proper antifreeze amount, your engine will start to overheat, risking a major breakdown. But you need not worry as Royal Tech Autos brings you Top-Quality Coolant Replacement Service in Dubai. Our expert team of technicians is specialized in all the luxury and exotic car repairs with extensive hands-on experience and coolant replacement is no exception. So whether it’s a low coolant level, a faulty radiator cap, a water pump failure, a cooling fan malfunction, or a broken water hose, you’ll be in the right hands at the leading Auto Workshop in Dubai.


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Symptoms of Low Coolant Level:

The High-temperature Gauge is On Red
Your Car AC is Not Blowing Cool Air
The Coolant Level Sensor is Faulty
There’s A Sweet Smell When Turn On AC
The Engine is Overheating Too Often

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