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Car Roof Liner Repair Service Dubai

The Roof Liner is Hanging Down? Royal Tech Autos Can Help You With Roof Liner Repair and Custom Roof Liner Replacement in Dubai. Deal in all Exotic & Luxury Cars!

The roof lining of your luxury car is hanging down? It’s not only an eyesore for your car’s luxurious aesthetics but also dangerous while driving as it blocks your view upfront. But you need not worry as Royal Tech Autos brings you a specialized team of Car Upholstery Experts to help you fix your sagging roof promptly. The most common reason behind a sagging roof is that the lining material is backed with foam, which in the sweltering weather of Dubai dries out a lot quicker than its expected lifespan. The foam then starts to let go from the roof lining panel and it ultimately starts hanging down. 

When you bring your car to our Auto Spa, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and premium OEM quality adhesives to glue it back and restore its factory condition. We also provide custom Roof Lining Replacement Service in Dubai. So if your vehicle’s roof lining is sagging, head over to Royal Tech Autos for a free estimate and Inspection today as we are dealing with all Exotic and Luxury Cars!

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