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Largest Auto Repair & Service Center In Dubai

Improve your Premium Car’s Drive Safety with Royal Tech’s Car Brakes Services in Dubai. Complete Brakes & ABS Repair & Service Solutions. With Free Comprehensive Video Inspection Report.

Are you looking to gear-up your exotic car braking performance beyond rational? Royal Tech Auto Services is your way to go. Our team of Expert Brakes Mechanics has earned us the reputation of the leading luxury car workshop in Dubai, housing the most advanced overhauling tools and genuine parts to provide flawless Brakes Replacement and Repair Services in Dubai. Our technicians always strive to demonstrate their true prowess in every Brake Service. Whether your car requires brake pad replacement, brake disc and rotor replacement, master cylinder, brake booster repair, or ABS Control Module Repair, Call Us Right Now To Ensure Your Car Has The Ultimate Braking Performance!

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  • Free Car Pickup & Delivery
  • Advanced Computer Diagnostics 
  • Honest Video Inspection Report
  • Affordable Cost
  • Genuine Parts
  • Free Estimation
  • Quality Control & Customer Feedback

Free Car Pickup & Delivery – Honest Video Inspection Report – Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – Free Service Advice

We cover every service related to your Car Brakes Performance in Dubai

Brakes Inspection

Brakes need constant inspection and maintenance service to ensure optimal braking performance any time of the day. We provide you with comprehensive brake diagnostics and repairs from brake pads, discs and rotors, ABS sensors, brake booster, and brake fluid for an optimal braking performance!

Brake Inspection Service Dubai
Brakes Maintenance Service Dubai

Brakes Booster Repair

If your brake pedal has gotten stiff or the braking distance has suddenly increased, your vehicle has a bad brake booster. Bring Your vehicle to Royal Tech Auto Services for Brake Booster Repair and get it back to the road of reliability!

Brake Pads Change

Are you hearing a screeching sound when you apply the brakes? You might have a broken brake pad. Bring Your Luxury Vehicle to Royal Tech Auto Services for Front/Rear Brake Pad Replacement Right Now!

Brake Pads Changing Service Dubai
Brake Discs Restoring Service Dubai

Brake Discs / Rotors Change

Do you feel unusual vibrations while applying the brakes or the braking distance has increased? Your Brake discs are asking for a replacement service or you need to change to Rotor. Bring Your Exotic Car to Royal tech Auto Services and get it back to the road of reliability right away!

Brake Fluid Change

Is there a brake indicator illuminated on your dashboard, or the brakes are slow to respond? It’s due to bad brake fluid. Bring your luxury vehicle to Royal tech Auto Services for Brake Fluid Change and relish optimal braking performance once again!

Brake Fluid Change Service Dubai
ABS Repair Service Dubai

ABS Repair

Have you just noticed that the ABS light is on but there’s no apparent issue or the ABS is not working? It’s a clear sign of a faulty ABS Brake Module. Bring your vehicle to Royal Tech Auto Services to help you with ABS Repair Services centred around your ABS control module configuration!

Luxury Cars Brands

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Royal Tech Brakes Services in Dubai: Adding Safety and Confidence in Drive

A car on the road with a braking system that barely stops the car is pretty risky. So instead of letting the car catch dust, get it checked by The Auto Experts. Get your car brakes inspected for free and free comprehensive inspection as well. You don’t have to worry about the price as we offer extremely professional services at highly affordable prices.The Royal Tech is offering free pick up and our experts are as transparent as they possibly can be. Our car brakes system service is completely detailed and is an ideal choice for all sorts of luxury cars. Whether it is front/reverse Brake pad change or Discs Refacing either front discs or rear discs, get it done by our immensely experienced professionals. In case of any replacement of the discs, front or rear, our experts can help you with total ease no matter the brand or model of the car.Not only do we handle manuals, but even if you own a programmable car, you don’t have to go anywhere as we have experts available for ABS Repair as well. For ABS Leak Repair or ABS Module Replacement, get our ABS repair experts to do the work for you. Even when it comes to the electrical side of ABS, you don’t have to worry, from ABS lightning repair to ABS Lightning replacement, The Royal Tech center is here to assist you with that too!