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Largest Auto Repair & Service Center In Dubai

Free Car AC Inspection, Premium Cars AC Repair & Service Experts. Complete Car AC Repair Solutions. Affordable Cost, Honest Video Inspection Report. Feel Free To Experience The Best CAR AC Service In Dubai.

If your AC fails to chill your car’s interior cabin, you need car ac service in Dubai. We at Royal Tech offer complete AC visual AC Inspection, finding the root cause of car ac performance failure. We have AC Experts & Top technicians for Car AC Compressor checks, pressure hose leak, AC system flushing, Car AC top-ups, Inspection, evaporation leak, AC performance tests & much more. We deal in all luxury & exotic cars Car Repair & Maintenance Service, all across Dubai and located in Al Quoz. 

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  • Free Car Pickup & Delivery
  • Advanced Computer Diagnostics 
  • Honest Video Inspection Report
  • Affordable Cost
  • Genuine Parts
  • Free Estimation
  • Quality Control & Customer Feedback

Free Car Pickup & Delivery – Honest Video Inspection Report – Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – Free Service Advice

We cover every service related to your Car AC Performance in Dubai

Car AC Visual Inspection

Inspection and Diagnostic of Car AC Performance and evaluation! We make sure to find the root cause and list down all the major/minor AC issues in your car

Car AC Repair Service Dubai
Car AC Repair Service Dubai

AC Compressor Check/Repair

If your car ac compressor is making strange sound, throwing warm air, leaking fluid, reduced airflow etc, you need to visit Royal Tech for AC Compressor Check/Repair service in Dubai!

Car AC System Flushing

We will clean sludges and sediments stuck at the hoses and different parts of AC Units to flush the AC System and to restore the chilled performance.

Car AC Repair Service Dubai
Car AC Repair Service Dubai

AC High/low Pressure Hose Leak

Observing noticeable traces of dipping and leaking from the hose? Well, a minor leakage can damage entire AC Unit- Get our AC High/low Pressure Hose Leak Service in Dubai!

Car AC Gas Top Ups

Your Car AC might fail to bombard chilled air due to low AC Gas. So get it refilled with Royal Tech Car AC Gas top Up and refilling Service in Dubai!

Car AC Repair Service Dubai
Car AC Repair Service Dubai

Car AC Dryer

Unusual noises, Leakage, highly Ineffective cooling etc may be the reason of a bad Car AC Dryer. Get it fixed with Royal Tech Car AC Dryer Repair/Replacement Service in Dubai

Car AC Filters

Over the time, your car ac filter is accumulated with dirt, debris etc. You need for Car AC Filter Replacement service in Dubai to keep Car’s AC functional properly.

Car AC Repair Service Dubai
Car AC Repair Service Dubai

AC System Pipes and More

You may need Car AC System Pipes Repair/Replacement Service in Dubai to keep the Car’s AC working perfect and throwing chilled air.

Car AC Function & Performance Test

May be your Exotic/Luxury Car’s AC is performing is not up to the mark. Benchmark its performance with the help of Car AC Function & Performance Test Service in Dubai!

Car AC Repair Service Dubai
Car AC Repair Service Dubai

Car AC Evaporator Leak

Mostly, the leaks are either inside or outside core of the AC, resulting in low car AC performance and car AC Evaporators Leak issues.  Let us fix the problems!

Car AC Leak Test & Leak Fix

You might be unaware of your Car’s AC Leakage issues! Don’t worry as our Car AC Leak Test & Leak Fix will help you get rid of problem and restore back AC’s Performance!

Car AC Repair Service Dubai
Car AC Repair Service Dubai

Climate Control AC Not Working

Your AC Climate Control may fail to work due to electrical problems, blown fuse, control module malfunction, loose connections etc.  Don’t worry, we will fix it!

Luxury Cars Brands

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Royal Tech Auto Services: Make Your AC Bombard Chilled Air Once Again!

Imagine what would happen if your car’s AC starts malfunctioning as you didn’t get it checked regularly. To prevent that from happening, bring your car to The Royal Tech and get your Car an AC visual Inspection and AC compressor check or repair if necessary.The ratio of AC usage is comparatively higher in UAE than in other countries, which is why the ratio of AC malfunctioning is also higher, comparatively. This precisely is the reason why problems like AC high/low-Pressure Hose Leakage and low AC level Gas can happen, but you don’t have to worry as The Royal Tech can make such problems go away with the blink of an eye. Since now advanced AC systems like Climate Control AC and Car AC Evaporator are being introduced in the new cars nowadays, and since the ratio usage of AC is pretty high, the chances of them not getting a breakdown are quite thin. With our advanced equipment and experienced experts, we handle all types of AC models while performing a detailed and transparent repair. So, if you feel that there is any problem with your AC or is not bombarding chilled air like it used to, get in the assistance of our experts, from AC Gas Refill to Car AC Leak Tests to performing tests, we do it all!